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Boning knife and Bread knife

A boning knife is the best knife for cutting meat bones and trimming cartilage to create the perfect joint or cut before cooking. The pointed tip and slim blade make it a great choice for cutting around the bone without ruining the surrounding flesh.

The strong, rigid blade can also be used to cut through cartilage. When de-boning pork or beef, a slightly harder knife is best, while a more flexible blade will suit poultry. Boning knives are designed to be light and manoeuvrable, so you can count on them to be comfortable and easy to use.

The long blade and sharp serrated edge of a bread knife makes it the perfect tool for sawing through all sorts of different breads, including crusty bread, baguettes, bagels and bread rolls. This is because the grooved edge allows the chef to cut through softer textures without crushing them out of shape.

Bread knives can also be used to slice cakes with soft, fluffy textures, as they can cut through them without knocking the air out of the sponge or damaging the overall shape. If you don’t have a cake leveller in your kitchen, a bread knife can also be used to even out your sponge cakes after baking.

Technical specifications

Bread knife

  • Blade width = 31 mm / 1.22″
  • Thickness = 1.8 mm / 0.071″
  • Blade Lenght = 188 mm / 7.4″
  • Lenght = 323 mm / 12.72″
  • Handle Lenght = 135 mm / 5.31″
  • Net Weight = 175 g / 6.17 oz

Boning knife

  • Blade width = 18 mm / 0.71″
  • Thickness = 1.6 mm / 0.063″
  • Blade Lenght = 143 mm / 5.63″
  • Lenght = 260 mm / 10.24″
  • Handle Lenght = 117 mm / 4.61 “
  • Net Weight = 82 g / 2.89 oz


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