Unique damascus kitchen knife

Discover our stainless damascus series

Our genuine damascus blades are made of up to 67 layers of Japanese steel!
We use a hardened steel core in combination with multiple layers of soft and hard steel on each side. The alternation of steels is enhanced by the final application of a corrosive solution that reveals gorgeous patterns: pure nickel alloys are little affected by the solution and reveal a bright silver-grey color, unlike carbon steel alloys which appear darker, partially dissolved on the surface by the solution.
✓ Razor-sharp
✓ Perfect for any chef
✓ VG10 / AUS10 Steel
✓ Awesome design

Looking for a more affordable set?

We’ve built this one especially for you!
Based on our best seller Mokuzai serie, these knives feature lighter engraved blades made out of 7Cr17 stainless steel.

What our customers are saying

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