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  • Akuamarin Damascus Santoku

  • Bōshi Forged Knife

  • Engraved Kitchen Knives Set

    You like the look of our genuine damascus knives but you are looking for something more affordable? We've built this set especially for you! Based on our best seller Mokuzai serie, these knives feature a lighter engraved blade made out 7Cr17 stainless steel.
  • Forged Picnic Knife

  • Habu Handmade Chef’s Knife

  • Handmade Multipurpose Serbian Chef’s Knife

    "Straight out of hell!" This unique handmade knife called the Serbian Knife is probably a dream for any chef!
  • Itamae Forged Knife

    Looking for a high carbon, razor sharp chef's knife? You will love our handcrafted Itamae knife!
  • Japanese Sharpening Wetstone

    This sharpening stone set helps you slice through anything with ease. Get your knife the razor-sharp edge it deserve!
  • Kaijuu Forged Chopping Knife

  • Kaiyou Damascus Kitchen Knives

    This is our latest limited edition VG10 Damascus set. Get yours while still you can!
  • Medieval Steak Knife

    $79.00 $49.00
  • Mokuzai Chef’s Deal

    Here's an increadible deal on our most popular damascus chef's knife!
  • Mokuzai Series – Damascus Kitchen Knives

    Discover the Mokuzai Knives: high quality VG10 stainless steel knives... Choose your favorite or buy them all!
  • Niji Damascus Chef’s Knife

    Enjoy a unique piece of art... each handle is unique!
  • Serbian Knife Sheath

    This reinforced sheath is perfect for our Serbian knife.
  • Shefu Forged Knife

    $135.00 $94.50
    Are you tired of buying a new knife every month? Look no further, you will keep this one for the rest of your life!
  • Taki Knife Set

    $145.00 $89.00